3 Things To Consider When Buying A Portable Hammock

{and how hung hammocks sizes up}

hung hammocks horizontal logo with our ape mascot hanging out in a hammock

If you’re anything like us, which we assume you are because you’re here reading about hammocks, you enjoy being outside! Whether you're an avid hiker, tailgater, or back-yard lounger, our hammocks are designed to be durable and portable for all types of adventures. When it comes to finding a hammock that fits your budget and lifestyle there are a few things to consider- cost, what is included, and durability. We’ve laid it all out here on what to look for and what to avoid and hope you leave knowing how to find the hammock that is right for you!

1.) What is included? When buying a hammock our advice is to make sure it comes with something to hang it. Seems like something we shouldn’t have to say but double check before checking out. Otherwise you’ll end up with a piece of fabric in the shape of a hammock and that's not the point. 

Most other hammock brands have the disclaimer when adding a hammock to your cart that the straps are not included. So keep an eye out to make sure you are getting everything you need and don’t have to go back and invest additional money for straps. This can sometimes cost an extra $25-$35.  

Each of our hammock kits include: 2 10ft. straps with 5 attachment points to adjust the height based on what you are hanging from and 2 wire-gate carabiners that are strong enough to hold 2 adults comfortably. 

Hung hammock kit with double hammock, 2 10ft. straps to hang and 2 carabiners.

2.) Speaking of size, have you thought about what size hammock you need? Most hammock companies offer 2 sizes, a single and a double. Single’s are usually for solo adventures and are commonly a more affordable option ranging on average from $25-$55 (not including straps). Double’s, you guessed it, are double that $65-$95. 

Because everything is bigger in Texas, we decided to do away with the tier system and only offer affordable double hammocks. Each of our hammocks are 112w x 74h in. Offering plenty of space to spread out without having to pay more. Woven with a durable parachute nylon it is both lightweight and strong enough to hold 2 adults. 

American flag hammock blowing in the breeze on Lady Bird Lake to show that our hammocks are large enough for up to 2 adults to sit in comfortably

3.) We personally think durability is the most important thing to pay attention to when investing in a hammock. Think about where you will be using your hammock- outside, around trees, camp-fires, BBQ. All of which create potential threats to the fabric of your hammock like stains, snagging fabric, and absorbing the lovely odors of the outdoors. 

That is why we designed our hammocks with a durable and lightweight parachute nylon that allows for airflow and is washable. Our triple-stitched construction allows you to have confidence that your investment is going to last for many adventures. We will back that up and guarantee the lifetime of your hammock. If it breaks, we’ll replace it.  

So when it comes to investing in a hammock keep in mind these three things : 

  1. Are you paying separately for straps to hang the hammock? 
  2. Are you paying more for a double hammock over a single? 
  3. Are you compromising on durability by paying less? 

If you find yourself answering “yes” to these questions when shopping around, be sure to check out our hammocks. We are dedicated to making durable, double hammock kits that include straps and carabiners that won’t break the bank. Head to our shop to find a color that best fits your style and get hung. 

Erik our co-founder, sitting in our gray hammock kit at Red Bud Isle in Austin, TX.