Our Story

Remember when you were a kid and you got a toy that had the dreaded words, "batteries not included"? You were then forced to rummage through the dreaded junk-drawer hoping to find the exact ones you needed or steal them out of the remote and hope no-one noticed.

That's how we felt when shopping for a hammock for our backyard. Our only options were out of our price range (it is a hammock after all) and most with the disclaimer "straps not included". 

Enter hunghammocks. 

We are a husband, wife team based out of Austin, TX with a passion for being outside in our city. Our bulldogs, Watson and Spock, are our product testers and the four of us couldn’t be more excited to share our products with you. 

At the beginning of Quarantine, we were using our hammock more than ever. The extra use quickly led to us researching for a replacement and one we could take down to Lady Bird Lake with us on our bike rides. Without many options, that didn’t cost a small fortune, we decided to take matters into our own hands and find quality, affordable hammocks and hang-out gear.

Each one of our hammocks is made of a breathable parachute fabric (it’s hot in Texas, y’all) with triple stitched construction that can hold up to 600lbs. Unlike our competitors, straps and carabiners are included, because they should be. At an affordable price, you can buy one for yourself, a friend and have money left over for a 6-pack. 

Head to our shop for available colors. We can't wait to see how you hang yours!